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CCF06 - Spine lock folding knife - 3.15" blade

CCF06 - Spine lock folding knife - 3.15" blade


Spine lock folding knife.

  • Large folding and locking folding knife for general use including light bushcraft.
  • Blade available in carbon steel, stainless, damascus and reclaimed steels.
  • Handle available in solid brass, micarta, timber and stabilised timber.
  • Optional personalisation on blade or handle.
  • Optional sheath.
  • Prices start at £230.
  • Please be aware that a locking folding knife should not be used to preform the tasks of a fixed blade. Extreme force may damage or break the locking mechanism and cause injury.
  • Check the UK knife law in 'More info' regarding locking folding knives.
  • Please contact us to discuss an order and lead times