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"I was looking for a bespoke knife for a one-off birthday present and 'Creek Cutler' came up regularly when talking to friends (and on my Instagram feed!) - James was a pleasure to deal with - He used a an old farrier's file which was then re-imagined as a razor sharp cook's knife, and added a punched initials into the handle. The result was totally superb!" - Frank G, Hitchin

"James made a Repurposed File Petty Knife for me, which was re-shaped from an old engineer's file. I think his design is aesthetically beautiful, and he really knows how to turn an old disused item into a thing of beauty. He created exactly what I asked for, and the result is a testament to his creativity and skills. It is the first carbon steel knife I have owned and I love how a patina develops on the blade. I would definitely recommend Creek Cutler to anyone, and I can't wait to get him to make me another knife!" - Talia P, London

"It has always been something of a secret dream to own a unique knife. I ordered the re-purposed file knife from James and was not disappointed. The size is bigger then I would have thought and you can feel that this knife will probably last forever.
The communication with James was easy and personal, so highly recommended!" - Maurice W, Holland