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 James Freakley runs Creek Cutler from his rural workshop in North Norfolk.

With a background in design and engineering, James started making knives in 2014, alongside making machines, bikes, inventions and whatever takes his fancy. Nearly all the knife making equipment was made by James to get the job done right.


James says...

On knife design:
A varied career has given me an appreciation for quality tools.
The knife is a good example of an effective tool, but designed badly it can be inefficient and frustrating. The difference between a good and bad knife is subtle to the untrained eye but very apparent to the user.. therein lies the challenge for me.

On knife making:

Knife making knowledge and skill has almost unlimited depths. It is a very complex process to create a simple product, and to learn it takes a lot of perseverance and time. Knife making however is a voyage of discovery no matter what your level of understanding, and that for me is fascinating.

On materials:

Materials are what give an and object character. I carefully consider which materials to use that will perform and complement one another in the construction of a knife. Steel and timber form unique patinas giving the knife character and sentimental value.

On inspiration:

Buying cheap tools over and over seems a false economy and is bad for the environment - I want to produce products that will be cherished for a lifetime and longer. With our throw away culture and age of mass production the romance and sentimental connection with objects is rare. I want people to value their unique knife - and like to think they will become heirlooms.