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Creek Cutler is a one man band run from a small workshop in Norfolk, England.
James from Creek Cutler makes custom knives to order, as a sideline to his design business. 

With a background in design and engineering, James started making knives in 2014, alongside making machines, bikes, inventions and whatever takes his fancy. James makes nearly all the tools required to make his knives, partly for the challenge, but mainly to get the job done right.

Each knife is considered thoroughly, and requests for weird and wonderful projects are always welcome.

'The beauty of the knife is that the tool itself is very simple, but the production process is incredibly complex. There is a huge depth of knowledge and experience to understand the elements required to make a good one. 4 years in I am still learning, and I don't see that ever stopping.
It sounds clichéd, but knife making is a voyage of discovery, every day is a school day. I am fascinated and addicted, I absolutely love my job'.

James Freakley / Creek Cutler